5 Common Flat Roofing Problems?


Flat roofs are a common option for both commercial and residential buildings. Although this type of roof provides an aesthetically appealing look, it is more prone to damage that other roof types. This is the reason why you need to make a few considerations before going for a flat roof. Some of the common flat roofing problems you need to know about are outlined below.

Standing Water or Pooling: If not installed correctly, flat roofs attract pools of water to remain on the roof especially after a drizzle or downpour. Standing water on roofs is one of the leading causes for roof leakages in most homes. If the pools of water do not drain or evaporate within 3 days, water may start penetrating through hence cause leakage into the house. These types of roofs, therefore, require regular inspection to help get rid of pools of water and other debris.

Blistering: As mentioned earlier, pools of water on the roof leads to moisture buildup even under the roofing shingles. The trapped moisture often leads to detaching of the roof membrane in a process known as blistering. This problem is prevalent in humid and hot areas.

Flashing: Proper drainage on the roof is required to help improve the roofing material’s durability. Nonetheless, poorly drained flat roofs often attract moisture buildup as well as fungus growth on the same. This causes the roof to start warping or lose its natural color. Flashing is more common in flat roofs that inclined roofs since drainage isn’t as good.

Thermal movement: Roofs and roofing materials expand and contract due to temperature changes throughout the year. While most roofing materials are designed to allow expansion and contraction without cracking, any case of moisture retention on the same can affects its flexibility. Humidity makes roofing shingles weak hence causing cracking due to thermal movement.

Leakages: As indicated earlier, flat roofs retain more water than other roofing types. If the water remains there for too long, any weak spots (such as joints) will start allowing small amounts of water to pass through. This gradually makes the roof more vulnerable, which eventually results in water leakage. Taking care of water leakage caused by standing water or leaf debris on the same can however help solve the problem.

Some of the challenges outlined above are the key reasons most people today try to avoid flat roofs. Hiring a professional and expert roofer to handle the installations may however prevent all these problems from surfacing. It is due to this reason you should only hire an expert roofer to foresee the installations. Alternatively, you could ditch the flat roof for a more efficient one. Talking to a certified roofer for options or ways on how to prevent standing water and roof leakages in your house is recommended as well. The roofing material used, and its quality may also determine whether it will be vulnerable or not. While flat roofing may be much more affordable and easier to install, some of these factors need to be considered before making the final decision, as they could make your life miserable.

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